Members of the Ambuneer Adventurer’s Guild

Ilian Bortas, Played by Alex Drastal

Race – Human (Variant)

Class – Level 2 Barbarian

Skills & Abilities – Rage, Polearm Master

Weapon: Scarlet (halberd polearm)

BIO: A Valian noble fallen from grace after being framed for the brutal murder of his lover. On the day of Ilian’s execution he was faced and taunted by the true murderer, but he escaped his bonds by unleashing the power of his rage. After spending time in the wilderness learning to master this new power, he has sworn vengeance against those who wronged him.

Ember Yarisk, Played by Darth Lexii

Race – Wood Elf

Class – Level 2 Druid

Spells – Thorn Whip, Poison Spray, Fog Cloud, Animal Friendship, Healing Word, Ice Knife

Weapons: Quarterstaff

BIO: An elf who learned the Druidic ways after getting trapped in an evil secret library under the forest floor. From her time alone and her only resource of knowledge being from evil, Ember has grown hatred for the creatures of the realm and their continuous destruction of the forest. She has vowed to destroy all of those who disobey nature’s law.

Suno Blazemaker, Played by TheSushiDragon

Race – Human (Mark of Making)

Class – Level 2 Artificer

Spells – Mending, Fire Bolt, Mage Hand, Detect Magic, Cure Wounds, Grease, Alarm

Weapon: Firebolt Pistol

BIO: An Artificer of the Valian School of Magitek, Suno is a curious inventor of wondrous magical contraptions that tap into the power of moonstones: ancient remnants of a terrible apocalypse. He seeks to develop and refine his Dragon Tech through extensive field research and live-fire exercise.

Rosaline Capulet, Played by ZombiUnicorn

Race – Lightfoot Halfling

Class – Ranger

Spells – Cure Wounds, Hunter’s Mark

Weapons: Longbow, Dagger, and Quarterstaff

BIO: Born into a noble halfling family, Rosaline chose to find her own way. She found more solace in the company of animals than people, and is slow to trust newcomers. Though her halfling lineage makes her short of stature, pointing out her height deficiency is a quick way to draw her ire.