A motley crew of armor clad streamers battle their way through a high fantasy virtual reality world, generated live by the treacherous Dungeon Master.

The Specs:

  • 3 hour live-stream
    • Can be cut down to 24-60 minute episodes in post for syndication
  • Diverse & Inter-Changeable Cast
  • Streamed Live with Twitch Chat interaction
  • Unscripted
  • Cutting edge, never before seen technology brings the world to life around the actors, before your very eyes!


InstaQuest has the winning formula to fill voids in the streaming world with an innovative solution that creates visually stunning content with story and character development.

Live streamed table-top role playing shows have a proven record of success, however no one has found a way to make them visually appealing. Video game streamers are pulling in millions of viewers a day, but the content lacks storytelling.  

InstaQuest is the perfect synthesis of these two worlds. It’s collective storytelling, gameplay with life or death stakes, compelling self-expressed characters, interactive audience participation, all wrapped up in a visually stimulating fantasy world.    

  • Cast stars as the heroes of the adventure, making decision with life or death consequences. The only way forward is to work together.  
  • The format creates improvisational storytelling by playing a game together.
  • The Dungeon Master sets the stage with the story, plays the rest of the world, and handles the rules/outcomes of players’ actions.
  • Dice are rolled to simulate randomness to determine what happens.
  • The random element creates engagement with the viewers; nobody knows what exactly will happen next!


X is a variable that stands for any sort of enhanced reality: Virtual, Augumented, or Mixed Reality.


The live audience is able to interact with the cast and directly affect outcomes in the show, creating further viewer engagement.

Audience could:

  • Vote for certain outcomes
  • Control an NPC
  • Choose which quest the guild accepts
  • Give characters boosts with microtransactions
  • Donate to name characters in game


Each episode we seek to expand upon the XR capabilities of the show, with innovations in augmented reality facial tracking, live motion capture, and virtual production all slated for season one.

Push Technological Frontiers:

  • NPC facial tracking
  • Live motion capture
  • Digital Puppeteering

Innovative Story-Telling:

  • Spectacular visual animations
  • “Cut-scenes” to past character event backstories
  • On-screen/reality item cross-over


The current cast was only signed for one episode but would be available for a full season, schedules pending.

TheSushiDragon: Launching his Twitch career streaming Overwatch with an archetypal green screen setup, TheSushiDragon quickly paired his hilarity and over-the-top on screen personality with real-time special effects, turning his streamer house into his own mixed reality studio. Contraptions on his arms and legs allow him to manually pick special effects, like time stops and slow-downs, and switch scenes on a whim–especially useful for one of his many dance routines for his 216K subscribers. TwitchInstagramFacebookTwitter YouTube

Darth Lexii: is an actress and model who has filtered her passion for nerd culture into cosplay by creating the online persona: Darth Lexii (Inspired by the Star Wars Villain Darth Maul). Utilizing her marketing skills, she’s become a well known cosplayer in the nerd industry through working with brands like Doritos to modeling for Her Universe and Hot Topic with their Avengers Endgame and Black Widow clotheslines. Her mission is to spread positivity and laughter because, “even the smallest person can change the course of the future” — Queen Galadriel.
InstagramFacebookTwitterTikTok YouTube

ZombiUnicorn: One of the best quality streams on Twitch and beyond, boasting 220K Twitch followers and 208K YouTube subscribers, ZombiUnicorn puts on an engaging show with a genuine and ridiculous sense of humor. Watch her intoxicating, unfiltered and interactive gaming, creative and IRL streams for a good laugh and some fun voice acting. She also hosts a casual podcast about the internet world called ‘Zero Notifications’ and some of HolyCrit’s tabletop RPG shows.  TwitchInstagramFacebookTwitter TikTok;YouTube

Alex Drastal: A self-described “actor, cosplayer, medieval reenactor and all around massive Dork,” Alex shot to cosplay stardom on Instagram with his larger-than-life recreations of anime and fantasy characters from shows like Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, Witcher, One Piece, and many more. He follows the US con circuit and regularly makes Top-10 lists for his detailed creations.  TwitchInstagramFacebookTwitterTikTok


Our premiere episode featured these diverse members of the Adventurer’s Guild.

Suno Blazemaker, an Artificer played by TheSushiDragon: An Artificer of the Valian School of Magitek, Suno is a curious inventor of wondrous magical contraptions that tap into the power of moonstones: ancient remnants of a terrible apocalypse. He seeks to develop and refine his Dragon Tech through extensive field research and live-fire exercise.

Ember Yarisk, a Druid played by Darth Lexii: An elf who learned the Druidic ways after getting trapped in an evil secret library under the forest floor. From her time alone and her only resource of knowledge being from evil, Ember has grown hatred for the creatures of the realm and their continuous destruction of the forest. She has vowed to destroy all of those who disobey nature’s law.

Rosaline Capulet, a Ranger played by ZombiUnicorn: Born into a noble halfling family, Rosaline chose to find her own way. She found more solace in the company of animals than people, and is slow to trust newcomers. Though her halfling lineage makes her short of stature, pointing out her height deficiency is a quick way to draw her ire.

Ilian Bortas, a Barbarian played by Alex Drastal: A Valian noble fallen from grace after being framed for the brutal murder of his lover. On the day of Ilian’s execution he was faced and taunted by the true murderer, but he escaped his bonds by unleashing the power of his rage. After spending time in the wilderness learning to master this new power, he has sworn vengeance against those who wronged him.


While the show has its regular streaming stars, there's room in the Adventurer's Guild for celebrity cameos and cross over appearances. E-Sports mavericks and Hollywood A-listers alike see the potential to show off their fantasy improv chops and reach new audiences in the process.

  • Allows for new cast members to be rotated in for more exposure
  • Serves as under-study mechanic in case an actor cannot perform for any reason, such as a positive COVID test
  • Creates Opportunities for Celebrity or other Cameos as “PC”, “NPC”, or enemy-player

Future Cast Members:


E-Sports and streaming content have never been more popular with new viewers seeking content to pass the time at home during the pandemic.

  • Estimated viewership will exceed 600 million viewers by 2023
  • Market estimated to surpass $1.5B by 2023
  • Multi-million dollar deals for content producers such as Ninja and Critical Role
  • Sponsors from name brand companies supporting E-Sports
    • Redbull, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Alienware
  • Estimated 13.7 million worldwide players
  • Proven market for live-streaming:
    • Critical Role raised over $11MM from 88,000 backers on Kickstarter for animated series
  • Low barriers to entry created a semi-saturated market of content with low production values
  • High production value separates premium content from the pack
    • Critical Role Animated Series
    • Harmon Quest on 3rd season


InstaQuest created the best content in an established market by solving problems facing current content with innovative solutions.


  • Content lacks visual stimulation
  • Content is too long to digest
  • Lack of audience interaction

InstaQuest’s Solution

  • Create virtual XR world with costumed adventurers to assist (not replace) audience imagination
  • Content can be cut into digestible episodes in post
  • Audience can vote to have real outcomes happen live
InstaQuest’s groundbreaking XR technology will bring in new viewers to the genre as well as tapping into the established D&D fanbase.  InstaQuest has a rich mythos of fantasy history and lore that has been built over a decade. Explore some of the world here.


InstaQuest is committed to reducing the risk and spread of COVID-19 during production. Our full policy is available at www.instaquest.com/safety.

InstaQuest is utilizing innovative approaches:

  • COVID-19 tests for all talent, understudies, and HMU before production
  • Unmanned/Robotic cameras
  • Everyone on set wears masks
  • InstaQuest is creating masked superheroes as role models
  • Integrate real life problems into the story line for players to solve together


With the power to create anything in the virtual world, InstaQuest offers unique sponsorship opportunities available for advertisers to co-create an in-game advertisement or product placement that ties into the story with integrity.


InstaQuest has a core team of seasoned professionals with the necessary skills and expertise.

Parker Howell  serves as Executive Producer and Director for InstaQuest. Parker has been a pioneer in the XR world for the past decade, creating Red Bull’s first 3D 360 music video, projection mapped concert visuals for the Grammys, Excision & Dancing with the Stars, and other groundbreaking content such as the stand-alone first person ride Kungfuscius VR. Parker earned a degree in Film Production and Business Administration from Chapman University.

A veteran dungeon master with over 10 years of experience running games, Joseph “JoBo” Bohan is taking up the mantle of Dungeon Master for InstaQuest. A longtime fan of actual play content, he sought a way to make the format more visually appealing to a wider audience. As creative lead on the project he has been writing the InstaQuest world for the past decade.

William Walsh is the Cinematographer responsible for designing InstaQuest’s innovative camera and screen technology. William has been using creative and unorthodox techniques since breaking into the industry in 2010 to capture concert and festival footage for companies such as Insomniac and commercial Hollywood projects. William earned a degree in Film Production from Chapman University.

As Executive Producer, James “Jay Stone” Bohan developed the InstaQuest concept with his brother JoBo. James is a serial entrepreneur, practicing CPA of over 10 years’ and was previously the CFO of an investment company with over $350MM of assets under management. As a lifelong gamer, James helps give creative direction and ideas to InstaQuest in addition to financial and strategic management.


InstaQuest already has a story-outline for a 10-episode season.

  1. Missing Researchers

A local scholar has lost contact with his team who were investigating a nearby tomb. The party is hired to investigate, and finds a relic of immense power.

  1. Sage of the Skies

The party travels by airship to visit an ancient sage to learn more of the relic they discovered, however their flight is interrupted by a miasma-addled dragon assault! The Sage reveals that the relic is the “Key to Heaven,” able to grant access to the sacred realm and the immense power held within.

  1. The Battle of Ambuneer

In an attempt to reclaim the key, the might of the Valian Empire falls upon the city of Ambuneer. Our party mounts a heroic defense, and potentially ally themselves with one of the settings’ factions.

  1. The Holy Kingdom

Our heroes visit the Holy Kingdom’s capital and have an audience with its ruler. They are offered information on how to unlock the sword’s power in exchange for investigating a local disturbance.

  1. Temple of the Sun

One of the three relics needed to activate the Key to Heaven is hidden away in an ancient temple. The party plumbs its depths to retrieve it.

  1. Lords of the Free Cities

Rattled by Valia’s assault on Ambuneer, the Lord of Ambuneer looks to unite the Free Cities. He asks the party to retrieve an ancient symbol of unity, which is rumored to be in the possession of a band of ogres. The party is offered the Orb of Stars in exchange, another of the three relics needed to activate the key.

  1. Orb of Stars

Before the Orb can be handed over, it is stolen away by agents of Valia. It’s up to our heroes to chase them down before they can escape to their armies!

  1. The Valian Empire

The final relic is held deep within the vaults of the Empire. Our party must infiltrate the city and track down the artifact.

  1. Relic of the Moon

The Empire’s vaults are deep and treacherous, but the party is (hopefully) well prepared. Our heroes learn a revelation that undermines the trustworthiness of their allies.

  1. Throw Wide the Gates

All of the components to open the Sacred Realm’s gate are in the party’s hands. It’s a rush to the gates, and forces collide at fate’s doorstep.


InstaQuest is looking for partners who share a vision to create awesome content with cutting edge, innovative technology.

  • Production Partners
  • Additional Distribution Platforms
  • Sponsors
  • Marketing & Promotion


If you would like to know how you can collaborate with InstaQuest to help bring a full season come to life, contact us!