With respect for the current global pandemic, we want to ensure our audience that Instaquest and its associates are taking all necessary and available precautions in order to reduce the risk and spread of Covid-19 during the production of InstaQuest. In addition, we are committed to creating and maintaining a high quality production and are working diligently to ensure that we may do so.

     In order to create a safe work environment for our talent and production team, we are taking the following precautions:

  • Safety procedures are outlined during preproduction and at the beginning of each day on set during safety meetings.

  • Face masks will be worn by both cast and crew at all times.

  • Hand washing stations will be placed at all entrances.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of props, costumes, and shared equipment.

  • Covid-19 Testing for all talent and understudies.

  • Initial temperature checks of both cast and crew before entering the building.

  • All moving cameras are robotic and will be operated remotely.

  • Separate restrooms have been arranged for cast and crew to limit interaction.

  • The InstaQuest studio has a high end air filtration system that will run throughout the course of production.

  • Craft services will be replaced by healthy, single serving options. Lunch catering will be single serving and socially distanced.

  • Date and time of entry of cast and crew will be recorded, in case of later positive tests or symptoms.

     In addition to these protocols, no member of cast or crew will be permitted to perform or work if they either test positive or show symptoms of Covid-19 less than 14 days prior to production, and subsequent measures will be taken in order to fill their position. We wish to maintain a high level of integrity and transparency with our audience, and strive to create the highest quality content possible.


The Instaquest Production Team